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Windows Phone 8 Features Leaked?


According to, they have their hands on a list of Windows Phone 8 features from the Chinese Windows Phone forum

The translated list of features are as follows:

  • Gravity induction. This is for games and file system. Think like a tilt mechanism but for ups and downs. For example: you can enlarge thumbnails in the file system simply by lifting the device closer to your eyes.
  • Major changes in the Internet Explorer
  • Ability to add folders
  • Enriched characters for Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese
  • Bulk SMS/MMM delete
  • No major UI changes, yet

Also mentioned on the site is the claim that Windows Phone Mango pre-beta had the ability to close apps with an x-icon in the task switcher but it was scratched from the final build.

Most of these features do not seem far fetched and very plausible. What do you guys think?

Via: WP7Connect

Resetting the Live Tile in Windows Phone 7


The ability to update the Live Tile in Mango is a really great feature. I have an application where I’m generating dynamic images and setting the live tile to an isostore:/Shared/ShellContent url. But, I have a setting that the user can use to turn on/off live tile updates. When turning it off, I initially couldn’t figure out how to reset the tile.

The trick is to use an appdata: url to refer to your original image. For example, if your standard tile image is called “background.png”, then you can use the following to reset it:

        public static void ResetTile()
            StandardTileData newTileData = new StandardTileData();
            newTileData.BackgroundImage = new Uri("appdata:background.png");
            ShellTile appTile = ShellTile.ActiveTiles.First();

Note: If you have changed any other properties like the BackContent, you will want to reset them by setting them to “”. Passing in null will leave the values unchanged.

Claim your free Xpress-on covers with your Nokia Lumia 710


Nokia is offering a free Xpress-on color cover for Nokia Lumia for customers who purchased a Lumia 710 between 1/11/12 and 3/31/12.

You’ll notice that the end date for this offer hasn’t arrived yet, so if you purchase a phone before the end of the month, you too can get a free cover.

The Xpress-on cover comes in white, yellow, fuscia and cyan, and can be installed and removed easily. If you have a Lumia 710, you’ll need your original sales receipt, UPC number and barcode panel from the retail packaging, as well as your device’s IMEI number. Once you have all that, go to Nokia’s promo page to find out where to send it all, as well as to select the color of your cover. You can then use the same site to check up on the status of your order.

Microsoft testing Apollo on dual-core chipsets


The Verge is reporting that Microsoft is in the process of testing Windows Phone 8 on the Qualcomm MSM8960 dual-core 1.5GHz system-on-chip for at least one handset.

According to the Verge Sprint is apparently interested in such a handset and has “shared its LTE specifications with Nokia.” Sprint is not expected to release any new Windows Phones until the release of Windows Phone 8.

Of course while Microsoft is working on Windows Phone dual-core support Android OEMs are already releasing devices with Quadcore Nvidia chipsets.  On the other hand Windows 8, which is believed to shares a kernel with Windows Phone 8, will definitely support Nvidia’s Tegra 3 solutions, meaning enabling support on Windows Phone 8 should hopefully also be trivial.

Read more at the Verge here.

SAP considers Windows Phone important


In an interview with Bloomberg SAP AG co-Chief Executive Officer Jim Hagemann Snabe called Windows Phone “a very important platform.”

SAP is working on rolling out its Hana technology, which enables processing of large amounts of data on the go, with mobile and cloud products. For example, a company employee can make ad-hoc changes to a sales presentation on his Apple Inc. iPad and present the results without delay, where otherwise he may have to ask colleagues to retrieve that information from a database.

SAP is seeking deeper cooperation with Microsoft Corp. and Nokia Oyj on Windows Phone.

“From a business use of mobile, we are probably a year ahead, but it’s a very fast-moving market and if you look at the smartphones everyone gets it,”  Snabe said. “This will be a fight for speed.”

“We’ve always said we’ll support all leading mobile platforms, and Windows Phone definitely belongs to that category,” Snabe concluded.

Microsoft is working to make Windows Phone more business friendly, but is expected to only make a final push when Windows Phone 8 arrives at the end of the year.

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