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Intel’s Windows 8 tablet: Checklist goes public


Intel 'Clover Trail' Atom Z2760-based Windows 8 tablet.

Intel ‘Clover Trail’ Atom Z2760-based Windows 8 tablet.

(Credit: Brooke Crothers)

Intel is offering more specifics on the features of future Windows 8 tablet at a conference in Beijing. It’s a laudable goal, but can Intel make it happen this year?

Underneath the glass will be beat an Atom Z2760 “Clover Trail” chip: dual-core capable with “burst mode” (for quick bursts of performance when needed) and Hyperthreading — the latter allows a dual-core chip to behave in quad-core-like fashion in some cases.

Plenty of features in the pipeline.Plenty of features in the pipeline.

(Credit: Intel)

Two basic tablet designs: The tablets themselves, as proposed by Intel, fall into two basic sizes: pure 10-inch tablets and hybrid 11-inch designs with physical keyboards.

Battery life: More than nine hours. That’s just on paper of course. So, final products will tell the real story.

3G/4G: That’s a must for tablets, of course. And Intel bought the wireless business of a little chip company called Infineon. So it can supply its own silicon here if necessary.

Weight/thickness: Under 1.5 pounds. No surprise here. The gen 3 iPad is 1.44 pounds, by the way. Thickness, as proposed, is under 9mm. Again, as a yardstick, the gen 3 iPad is 9.4mm.

Miscellaneous: NFC (near field communication) and Wi-Fi Direct.

All of the above is predicated on Windows 8 being commercially released in the second half of the year. That seems to be the plan.

And Intel is pretty adept at getting its satellite of customers and partners to make things happen. It should be an interesting fall for tablets.

Troubleshooting failed Windows Updates


Everyday when I login to my Windows 7, I get a notification from Windows Update for an Update install for Microsoft Office 2007, particularly KB981715. Though I have tried to install it again and again but it just keeps failing. Dunno why, but even the help provided by Windows 7 was not proper.

After a lot of tricks, I was successful with one. So if you are stuck with such a problem then follow these steps:

  1. Go to Microsoft’s Download Center:
  2. Search each update code which starts with the letters "KB" and followed by a set of numbers (i.e, KB981715)
  3. Click the link for the download and then click download and run. I believe you will have to accept an agreement and then click continue or OK
  4. Alternatively you could simply try opening this generic link replacing XXXXXX with the 6-digit number of the update.
  5. Repeat for all the downloads that you are unable to install
  6. Run Microsoft update again and click on check for updates and if the updates were successfully installed they should no longer appear in the updates that need to be installed.

Hoping it will solve most of your irritation 🙂

Fake ‘Blue Screen of Death’ is the new scareware


Hackers are using the infamous Windows Blue Screen of Death to trick computer users into downloading fake security software (scareware).

According to a discovery by Sunbelt Software, a Windows users are being shown the recognizable blue screen that signifies an operating system crash with a bright red “Security Alert” notice. (click image below for full version)

Fake 'Blue Screen of Death'

Fake 'Blue Screen of Death'

The rogue security software used in this scam is called SystemSecurity. It infects Windows machines via fake codec and fake Flash Player update packages planted on malicious Web sites.

Microsoft warns of serious computer security hole


Microsoft Corp. has taken the rare step of warning about a serious computer security vulnerability it hasn’t fixed yet.

The vulnerability disclosed Monday affects Internet Explorer users whose computers run the Windows XP or Windows Server 2003operating software.

It can allow hackers to remotely take control of victims’ machines. The victims don’t need to do anything to get infected except visit a Web site that’s been hacked.

Security experts say criminals have been attacking the vulnerability for nearly a week. Thousands of sites have been hacked to serve upmalicious software that exploits the vulnerability. People are drawn to these sites by clicking a link in spam e-mail.

The so-called “zero day” vulnerability disclosed by Microsoft affects a part of its software used to play video. The problem arises from the way the software interacts with Internet Explorer, which opens a hole for hackers to tunnel into.

Microsoft urged vulnerable users to disable the problematic part of its software, which can be done from Microsoft’s Web site, while the company works on a “patch” — or software fix — for the problem.

Microsoft rarely departs from its practice of issuing security updates the second Tuesday of each month. When the Redmond, Wash.-based company does issue security reminders at other times, it’s because the vulnerabilities are very serious.

A recent example was the emergency patch Microsoft issued in October for a vulnerability that criminals exploited to infect millions of PCs with the Conficker worm. While initially feared as an all-powerful doomsday device, that network of infected machines was eventually used for mundane moneymaking schemes like sending spam and pushing fake antivirus software.

WinShake – Groove your desktop


WinShake brings the Windows 7 functions, Aero Peek and Aero Shake to your Windows XP and Vista PCs improving the “Show Desktop” function of the Quick Launch bar.
This little tool, WinShake, imitates the Aero Shake and Aero Peek functions of Windows 7 which allow you to better see and manage your open windows, gadgets and widgets. Single windows, or the whole lot, can be made transparent in order for you to see, and access, the desktop below.

This is how it works
After extracting the zipped file, you need to drag and drop the “WinShake.exe” file into your Quick Launch bar next to the start menu (normally at the bottom left of your screen).

– Click on the icon to minimise and restore your windows.
– Shift+Click on the icon to “shake” the active window and minimise all others.
– Control+Click on the WinShake icon to activate the AeroPeek function and make all of the windows transparent, showing only their frames and gaining access to the desktop.

WinShake brings these great Windows 7 functions to your Desktop. This proves particularly useful when numerous windows are open.

Publisher’s website: WinMatrix
WinShake Link 1 / WinShake Link 2

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