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Claim your free Xpress-on covers with your Nokia Lumia 710


Nokia is offering a free Xpress-on color cover for Nokia Lumia for customers who purchased a Lumia 710 between 1/11/12 and 3/31/12.

You’ll notice that the end date for this offer hasn’t arrived yet, so if you purchase a phone before the end of the month, you too can get a free cover.

The Xpress-on cover comes in white, yellow, fuscia and cyan, and can be installed and removed easily. If you have a Lumia 710, you’ll need your original sales receipt, UPC number and barcode panel from the retail packaging, as well as your device’s IMEI number. Once you have all that, go to Nokia’s promo page to find out where to send it all, as well as to select the color of your cover. You can then use the same site to check up on the status of your order.

White Nokia Lumia 900 crops up; makes us drool at the coolness


After Nokia spilled the beans for the white version of the Lumia 800, the company accidentally leaked an image of a Nokia Lumia 900 sporting the same white polycarbonate unibody.

Cool as Ice, Isn’t it?

The photo doesn’t reveal anything we don’t already know about the Lumia 900 – the exposed microUSB port, front-facing camera and non-curved glass. As a matter of fact Nokia have done a great job getting applying the white coat of paint, making the device look particularly stunning.

As we told you earlier, we should expect the Lumia 900 to pop up in stores mid-March. Let’s hope the white version makes it to the market in time for the planned release.


Nokia 3606 now available…


Cricket Communications announces the availability of the Nokia 3606. This sleek phone is packed with a whole array of fun applications and features.

The flip phone is perfect for music lovers as it supports MP3 music, stereo Bluetooth and also FM radio. It has music keys located on the exterior which light up when the music option is selected. Users can gain easy access to all their music from there. It also has an integrated speakerphone to enhance listening pleasure.

“The 3606 is a natural fit for Cricket’s services. The form factor is compelling and the phone’s core features make it a music powerhouse and a stylish communications device,” said Ian Laing, vice president of Nokia North America Sales.

For pictures and video, there is a 1.3 megapixel camera with LED flash located at the back of the phone. Loads of music files, videos and pictures can be stored as the phone also has an 8GB MicroSD card slot. The phone includes BREW 3.1.5 with 15MB user memory too. To view pictures and text, the Nokia 3606 has a 128 x 128 x 262k TFT external display and 176 x 220 x 262k color TFT internal display.

Vice president of marketing for Cricket Jeff Toig stated, “The Nokia 3606 is an extremely attractive device that will be popular with customers who are looking for a handset with a sophisticated design and a high end feature set. The features are ideal for music lovers, with an MP3 player and stereo Bluetooth, which compliments Cricket’s Mobile Music offering.”

The phone additionally comprises of SMS and MMS which are activated with a predictive text. A USB charger cum connector allows easy connection of the mobile device to the PC. Users can then share music and images with others. The Nokia 3606 phone is also compatible with hearing aids.

The Nokia 3606 can be purchased now for a price of $179.99 from Cricket retail stores and dealers.

YouTube for Mobile


YouTube for Mobile is a simple, fairly fast, and well-designed application for a variety of Windows Mobile and Symbian phones that supports both landscape and portrait views. You’ll search for videos through the search bar at the top of the screen, or through Top Rated, Most Viewed, or Most Recent categories. The results are displayed in a horizontal ticker, where you’ll view a thumbnail image from each video and read the blurb and ratings below. In the Menu options, you’ll find a shortcut key to return to the Home page, a shortcut to search for videos related to your current pick, and tips tucked away in a help menu.

YouTube videos loaded quickly in our tests and played in landscape mode. You can tap to call up the Back button and controls to pause, skip, and adjust the volume; otherwise the video will play full screen. Note that playback quality will vary by device and your connection strength. YouTube’s videos will chew through data, so having a monthly data subscription is strongly recommended before downloading the application. So long as that applies to you, any YouTube fan with find YouTube’s mobile application an easy way to get a quick video fix–although the community aspect and saving favorites are missing from the mobile version.

You can download the program from CNET.


Nokia and Skype to finally work together


Nokia and Skype to finally work together

Nokia and Skype to finally work together

Skype’s software for making free and cheap phone calls over the Internet will be built in to some Nokia Corp. smart phones. In a move announced this week at the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona, the companies said Skype will be initially integrated with Nokia’s Nseries devices, which run on Nokia’s Symbian S60 operating system. The integration will start with the N97, which will be released in June. A U.S. carrier for the phone has not been announced. The built-in Skype application will be integrated with the phone’s address book, so users can see when their Skype contacts are available and make free voice calls or send instant messages to them.

As with other Skype applications, users will also be able to pay to make voice calls through Skype to cell phone or landline numbers. The application will be able to run over both high-speed 3G cellular data networks and over Wi-Fi wireless connections to the Internet. Skype, which comes from eBay Inc., is already available as a downloadable application for a variety of operating systems and phones, including numerous Nokia products. But preloading the application “removes an inhibitor to consumers because it’s already there,” Skype’s Chief Operating Officer Scott Durchslag said.

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