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DELL – Alienware M17x Gaming Laptop in India


Dell after being familiar to the normal users and is now taking care of the game-loving peoples while keeping these things in mind Dell has planned a new gaming series laptops.

Dell Alienware M17x is configured according to the need of the gamer.
The look and features attract gamers toward this gadget and also Dell claims that this machine is the most powerful machine of the universe.

The Alienware M17x gamer dream laptop is defined in a universal standard size of 17-inch.

This fully loaded machine is will designed with no compromises banner as this new technology will add-on the portfolio of Dell to a height.

Let’s discuss about the look, features, additional services etc.
The Dell Alienware M17x machine is jam-packed with a Intel Core 2 Extreme Quad-core overclockable Mobile Processor along with 8GB DDR32 1333MHz (RAM), 512GB hard drive, High definition display LCD of (1920 X 1200)mega pixels, integrated Wifi with MIMO technology.

The main display configuration offered to the gamer includes up to 1GB dual NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280M graphics processing unit with SLI technology which is the influential graphics provider.

The Dell has planned an exclusive Alienware Command Center Software Solution for this series of gaming laptops in combination with the Illuminated AlienFX Keyboard which has been individually designed for the Alienware M17x.

Dell runs on Windows Vista 64bit operating system and will firstly launched in 35 countries including India

Dell Alienware M17x gamer would be offered on an estimated price at 1,39,000 onwards.

EA confirms ‘small team’ working on Mirror’s Edge 2


Speaking to VideoGamer at E3, Patrick Soderlund, Senior Vice President of EA Games Europe confirmed that a ‘small team’ at DICE is currently working on Mirror’s Edge 2. Soderlund’s comments are the first confirmation that a sequel to the parkour-inspired action adventure game is in development.

When asked about the future of the intellectual property, Soderlund responded by saying: “Mirror’s Edge was a risky move. It was a bold move, a very innovative and inspiring move. The game wasn’t perfect by any means. We would have liked the game to sell better even though the game has sold better than most people think.”

He added: “You will see another Mirror’s Edge for sure. It’s just a matter of when that time is and what we do with it. We have a small team on it and I’m excited about what we do.”

During a December 2008 conference call, CEO of Electronic Arts John Riccitiello assured fans that the developer still has faith in the new franchise. “Mirror’s Edge is one that was very strongly reviewed, that one’s going to go forward. We’re probably going to look into some issues around the design to make sure strong IP is married with strong business.”

Additional details or a possible release date were not forthcoming.

Marvel to Bring Heroes to PC Gamers


Fans of comic series such as Spider-Man, X-Men, Iron Man, Fantastic Four, Captain America, The Punisher, Iron Man, and other Marvel Comics may soon be able to don the virtual Spandex and fly into the action. Marvel Entertainment and game developer Gazillion revealed a 10-year partnership to create numerous massively multiplayer online games (define) based on characters in the Marvel universe.

The partners are betting on comic book fans and gamers to embrace the games for their unscripted and open environments that allow for role-playing rather than completing pre-determined objectives as in video games. Gamers will also be able to play and interact with established characters from Marvel comic books under the licensing deal, though gamers won’t see the fruits of the partnership until next year at the earliest.

“What is great about Marvel, and great about the MMO opportunity, is that we’ve been publishing comics for 70 years, and we have 70 years to draw on,” said Simon Philips, president, worldwide consumer products at Marvel Entertainment, a company that publishes comic books, produces films, and licenses characters for use in products.

And, MMOs represent the latest in a long line of brand extensions and licensing deals for Marvel. It has licensed its characters to movies, video games, toys, and other properties. “With a partner like Marvel there are built-in marketing vehicles. The millions of consumer touch points that you have is really unparalleled. All of these films that come out, the TV shows, the toys, these are all opportunities to drive awareness and subscriptions [for the game],” said Paul Baldwin, VP of marketing at Gazillion.

“Marvel has a wide appeal,” said Billy Pidgeon, program manager, consumer markets, games at IDC. “Obama likes Spider-Man. Parents read Marvel. Kids get into Marvel. Marvel has a perennial license. Movies are doing well, the games could do well.”

He cautioned that consumers could be disappointed if they wait too long for the Marvel games to come out, or if the development isn’t polished. “People’s expectations are really still an issue,” he said.

The first title, “Marvel Super Hero Squad,” will be released in 2010. The title will be a browser-based casual MMO drawing from characters featured in an animated television show that starts in the fall. Marvel is also in contract with video game publisher THQ to release a video game in 2009 for the same property, and Marvel has licensing deals for a line of toys.

The second game, “Marvel Universe,” will come later, likely in 2012.

“It’s one of the longer deals that we’ve done,” said Philips. “It’s primarily down to the fact that it takes a couple of years to get a game out. We want to have a great game experience. These games are not a one-week, one-month, or one-year gaming environment; it’s a totally immersive gaming experience. It seemed the right thing to do to have a game environment that would have the right experience that would provide that for people.”

Ten years is not unreasonable given development time and the lifespan of an MMO according to Pidgeon. “You need a 10-year deal for MMOs, it takes three years to get it off the ground, and five years to be successful. It’s risky stuff,” he said.

In the time it takes for even the first Marvel game, “Marvel Super Hero Squad,” to be released in 2010, there’s already a murky field of hits and misses in super hero-themed role-playing games online. “City of Heroes” and later “City of Villains” were developed and released by NCSoft. Both were unlicensed, meaning neither were attached to a partner such as Marvel to offer a fan base, marketing, or other form of support. In the licensed playground Gazillion is contending with “Star Wars Galaxies” and “Star Wars Old Republic,” both from LucasArts, “The Matrix Online” released by Warner Bros. and Sega, and “Age of Conan” from Eidos. “Because of the license, expectations are going to be very high,” said Pidgeon.

DC Comics also announced “DC Universe” with Sony Online Entertainment and Warner Bros back in 2006, which has yet to come out.

Gazillion is a creator of MMO games for wide audiences. It hopes to expand beyond its audience of 18- to 34-year-old males with the Marvel titles as well as others including the upcoming “LEGO Universe.” The company just came out of a so-called stealth mode that lasted three years. Gazillion boasts it employs talent from Pixar, Apple, Blizzard, and Microsoft to create its games.

The depth and value of Marvel’s license gives this arrangement an edge over a number of rivals’ offerings, said both Baldwin and Philips.

Exactly what Marvel and Gazillion will offer to consumers has yet to be decided.

Philips, for instance, couldn’t say whether gamers would be able to play Wolverine or any other Marvel character, or simply create avatars or other characters that take on the characteristics of super heroes. “It remains to be seen exactly how the game will evolve and how the characters evolve, but if everybody chooses to be the same Wolverine, it will be a boring game,” he said. “We may allow players to have the powers, but not the characters.”

Even if players have to settle for a more generic version of The Punisher or his favorite X-Men, it will still be in the Marvel world. “The comic book world is finite, with an MMO it is infinite. The world is changing, a complete extension,” said Philips.

Sony announces PSP 3000


Sony has just officially announced the PSP 3000 at their press conference event at Leipzig. According to David Reeves, the PSP 3000 will have a built-in microphone, and an enhanced LCD screen. It will retain the size and features of the current, slimmed-down PSP (PSP-2000). That’s a screenshot of it up there. The unit will launch on October 15 in PAL territories, tagged at EUR 199. Full break down below:

Sony PSP 3000

The LCD screen will have a wider color gamut and higher contrast ratio to deliver deeper, more vibrant colors, as well as anti-reflection technology so you can see the screen more clearly when playing outdoors. As you all know, the PSP’s screen is a key strength of the hardware, and this update adds an absolutely dazzling LCD screen to the handheld.

– A built-in microphone allows for Skype calls and multi-player gaming communication directly from the hardware – eliminating the need for attaching a separate headset.

For those of us outside of Europe, the PSP-3000 will be launched in North America as part of two packs. One of the packs will be the Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters PSP Entertainment bundles which will be released on October 14th. The other pack will be a 4GB Entertainment Pack which is due out in November. Both packs will be retailed at US $199.99. Later, Sony will be releasing the PSP-3000 Core Pack, which will be railed at the regular price of US $169.99.

‘Sims 3’ coming on February 20, 2009


Electronic Arts has announced that the third installation of The Sims, that game that rivals World of Warcraft in the “I got so addicted my boss almost fired me” department, will be debuting on February 20, 2009.

Sims3 Game coming on February 20, 2009

That’s a worldwide release date for both in-store purchases and digital downloads. EA has famously devoted an entire division (or “label”) to the blockbuster Simswhose new game Spore is hitting stores next month. franchise, in which players create their own families of virtual characters (or “sims”) and let their lives unfold. The game was designed by Will Wright,

New to The Sims 3 are more advanced customization features (including personality traits like kleptomania, paranoia, and clumsiness) and smarter “neighborhoods” that can more extensively affect the outcome of the game.

In addition to The Sims 3, EA will also be releasing a “collector’s edition” with a number of bonus features–including an in-game Italian sports car.

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