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Explorer 8: Not a smooth transition


Early adopters of Internet Explorer 8 say the new Microsoft browser is causing a range of unexpected issues, including missing Web content, system crashes, and Internet tools that don’t function properly. “I have just installed IE8 and still the search option doesn’t work. All I get is a blank line with no search box so what and where is the problem?” a visitor to Microsoft’s Explorer feedback page who identified himself as Aviramoff wrote on Thursday — the same day Microsoft formally released the product.

Aviramoff was among dozens of posters to report significant IE8 glitches. Another user, Bob, wrote that certain Web sites weren’t displaying properly in Explorer 8, including that of online greeting card purveyor American Greetings. “After downloading IE8 I cannot print any card from American Greetings. The message I get is, ‘An error occurred during the operation,'” complained Bob.

Microsoft has warned Web publishers that Explorer 8’s default support for some new Internet standards may cause problems with their sites. Explorer 8 includes a tool called Compatibility View that lets users view sites built for previous editions of the browser.

But some IE8 adopters reported that even pages built with Microsoft’s own Web publishing software, Microsoft Publisher, failed to render properly in the new browser. “I created my company’s Web site using the MS Publisher 2007 template. After upgrading IE7 to IE8 my menu tabs and many important images no longer show,” wrote a user named Phil Wheeler.

The news wasn’t all bad for Microsoft, as some IE8 users said they were more than happy with the product.

“In my first 30 minutes of using IE8 on my Vista Business Edition I am very pleased,” wrote Lambert. “The browser opens in a quarter of the time that it did in IE7. Normally I would not bother posting such an effusive comment, but IE8 is that good,” Lambert gushed.

Microsoft needs Explorer 8 to be a hit, as the company’s Internet Explorer franchise has been losing ground to competitors. Explorer’s share of the market has fallen from 75% to 67% in just the past 12 months, according to market watcher Net Applications, while competitors such as Apple’s Safari and Mozilla’s Firefox have gained ground.

Microsoft to Release Internet Explorer 8 Today


Microsoft is all set to release the final version of Internet Explorer 8 later today.

The final release of the browser comes almost two months after the release of the RC1.  While the feature set is expected to remain similar to the existing RC1 (which is still available for download as of now), the final version is expected to have ironed out all bugs and issues that is expected of a final release. It will be released in as many as 25 languages.

With the IE8, Microsoft aims to lure users away from advanced users who had migrated to more “secure” and feature-packed browsers. IE has been steadily losing its once unassailable market lead to the likes of Firefox from Mozilla and more recently, Google Chrome, which had more features and were touted to be more secure than the erstwhile editions of IE. Even now, a large chunk of Internet users still use IE6, which is two generations old now and for the same reason, is an obsolete browser.

Microsoft has devoted close to a year developing the IE8 which is obviously the most secure version of the browser ever. In fact, a commissioned report by Microsoft had placed the RC1 at the number one spot in detecting malware and suspicious content. The research was conducted by NSS labs and they had included the likes of Firefox (3.07), Apple Safari 3 and Google Chrome in the study.

Microsoft will eventually start pushing the browser through automatic updates. For those who can’t wait, it is expected to be available for download starting 21:30 hours India time today from the Internet Explorer homepage.

We will of course be taking a closer look at it a soon as we get our hands dirty – but we’re not expecting something radically different from the RC1!

BlackBerry Storm vs. iPhone 3G


stormiphonebrowser BlackBerry Storm vs. iPhone 3G

Two of the greatest Phones releases are being tested on Internet browsing, the head to head has been done by CrackBerry, and they have a video to go with it, which you can see below. He has done a comparison like this before, but with the BlackBerry Bold vs. iPhone 3G.

In this follow video you will see both phones being tested on well known websites such as,, and ArsTechnica.

And results with both phones javascript enbaled are, – iPhone 3G wins, – BlackBerry Storm wins, – BlackBerry Storm wins, ArsTechnica – BlackBerry Storm wins. As it seems Backberry is winning this test with 3:1, hopefully there would be more testes coming up to clear some performances these both phones can so and is it worth to buy them in first place.

Chrome : Google’s takes on Microsoft again


Well, it appears Google is launching its own open-source browser (Chrome) sometime today. You can learn more about it by reading their informative comic.

Chrome, said Google’s vice president of product management, Sundar Pichai, is based on the same WebKit engine that powers Apple Inc.’s Safari, and like Microsoft Corp.’s new Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) Beta 2, sports a privacy mode that erases most evidence of browsing from the application when a session is shut down.

Pichai said that Google would post an announcement on its company blog when Chrome is ready to download.

UPDATE: In yesterday’s post on Google Chrome, we promised to let you know when it would be available for everyone to try — and that time is now. Visit to download and start exploring. (For the moment, it’s available only for Windows users, but you can sign up on the download page to learn when the Mac and Linux versions are available.)

Google Chrome is a browser that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier. Learn about Google Chrome.

Malicious Flash ads attack


A new type of Internet-based attack is spreading in which Flash-based ads seize control of a Web surfer’s clipboard and paste in a link to a malicious site in the hopes that it will be spread from there into e-mails, blogs, and instant messages.

The ads have been spotted on,, and, and victims have reported on numerous forums and blogs that they appear to be fake alerts that a virus has been detected on the computer and offer to clean it up, according to antivirus vendor Sophos.

The malicious link, which includes “xp-vista-update” in the URL, is copied into the clipboard and can not be over-written by copying new text to the clipboard. Users must reboot the computer to remove the link, The Register reports.

The malware appears to affect Mac, Windows, and Linux machines and Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari browsers, according to ZD Net’s Zero Day blog.

Chris Thornton, who created the “ClipMate” clipboard extender for Windows, gave an interesting description of the situation on his Clipboard Extender Dot Com blog:

“Someone wrote a little piece of Adobe Flash code to copy text to the clipboard. Then they put it in a loop, to do it once a second. Then they put it in an innocent-looking flash-based banner ad, with their harmful URL as the payload. Then they signed up for some advertising networks, and submitted their bad ad, presumably paying considerable $$$ to get it featured on sites that you and I visit regularly, such as MSNBC and Digg. And when someone has this ad loaded, they can copy all they want, but everything they paste will be just that URL. So if you are writing an e-mail to Aunt Millie, telling her to look at your eBay auction located at (paste), or to download Picasa to organize her photos – download here (paste), she’s going to get the virus when she visits the bad site.”

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