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If you have come this far, than you know who I am and what this site is about. If you dont then you can read about me and this site here. This site contains a lot of applications which I have coded and made it available to all for free.

Though everything is given out for free, its not free for me. I have to put in lots of efforts and time in making up these applications. If you have been benefited by any of the applications I have made, then I would appreciate if you help me out as a token of appreciation.

You can help me in three ways :

  • Help by donating money. This is the best way to show your appreciation and motivate me to keep making more applications and make it available to all. Click on the button below to make a Safe and Secure payment to me. If you know how to use Paypal then you can simply send money on alliensoft [ a t ]
  • donatebtn

  • Help by contributing. Another good way where if you are a programmer, then you can help me out in improving upon the applications or help in making new ones. You can write to me on this page.
  • Help by feedback. Simple yet not the least. Feedback of users is of utmost importance and I would be very much happy to receive your feedback. You can write to me on this page.

Please do help by any of the above, as without your help my work is very difficult. Thank you and keep helping 🙂

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