stormiphonebrowser BlackBerry Storm vs. iPhone 3G

Two of the greatest Phones releases are being tested on Internet browsing, the head to head has been done by CrackBerry, and they have a video to go with it, which you can see below. He has done a comparison like this before, but with the BlackBerry Bold vs. iPhone 3G.

In this follow video you will see both phones being tested on well known websites such as,, and ArsTechnica.

And results with both phones javascript enbaled are, – iPhone 3G wins, – BlackBerry Storm wins, – BlackBerry Storm wins, ArsTechnica – BlackBerry Storm wins. As it seems Backberry is winning this test with 3:1, hopefully there would be more testes coming up to clear some performances these both phones can so and is it worth to buy them in first place.