Me as a Kid ;)


Who are you?

I am Mohib Sheth currently working as Sr. Software Developer with Hyperbees Technologies and working on Mobile Applications. I did GNIIT (Software Engineering) and reside in Mumbai, India.

I am Tech Buff at heart who is very much interested in Programming (its kinda my hobby.. seriously 🙂 ) and love tinkering around with Softwares (always legally 😉 )

Tell us more…

Hmm.. Oke.. My interest in Computers started when I was in Third grade and got my hands on a computer for the first time. I was just amazed by that “Elder Brother of the Idiot Box” and just fell in love with it. By the end of my Third grade, I had already decided to Lead my life in the Computers in any field I can. My dad wanted me to be a Lawyer or Doctor (most of the dad’s want’s that) and thus he didn’t buy me a computer and made me study hard for what he wanted. I used to stay in Surat then and as my luck would have it, we shifted to Mumbai and my mom bought me a PC of my own. Since then I have never let myself apart with my PC. Initially it was all Games, Movies and PC for me, but as I progressed in my life (and ofcourse constant taunts from my mom for that), I decided to make something meaningful out of my life and PC and thus I took my first step into Programming.

What next?

I am going to work on this blog to share my opinions on technology and share my knowledge.

Mohib Sheth

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